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Panther Healthcare, founded in 2002, is the 3rd largest manufacturer of surgical staplers and is globally present in more than 70 countries. Panther Healthcare is focused on surgical stapling and minimally invasive surgery (MIS).
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Panther Healthcare Smart Stapler

The Smart Powered Stapler platform offers intelligent and automatic control over tissue compression, transection and resection for thoracic, gastrointestinal, bariatric, colorectal, oncology, gynecologic and other open and laparoscopic surgical procedures.
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Smart Firing Control

The Smart Stapler comes with one touch firing and opening system to minimize the force to fire which improves stability, suture performance and reduce the risk of injury caused by mis-operation. The Smart Stapler is easy to learn and operate.

Smart Reload Identification

The Smart Stapler has a universal handle which is ready to use with the most extended portfolio of reloads in the market. A chip is incorporated in every new reload. The scanned reload can communicate with the stapler for the most precise and secure firing.

Real Time Tissue Thickness Detection

Another key feature of the Smart Stapler is intelligent tissue thickness identification. The technology allows the stapler to automatically adjust the firing speed and clamping force according to different tissue thickness and conditions. When the stapler interacts with the target tissue, the indicator light flash in different colors to indicate different tissue conditions. It provides the surgeon with intuitive feedback to better understand how the stapler interacts with the target tissues to improve patient outcomes.

Optimal Clinical Outcomes

The Smart Powered Stapler is compatible with Panther reloads guaranteeing better stapling delivery, better hemostasis and safety. Panther reloads jaws are equipped with anti-skid structures, securing tissue in the jaws and preventing tissue from sliding during the anastomosis. Progressive clamping technology utilizes an anvil and cartridge with non-traumatic sides for better clamping and less squeezing of tissue. The enhanced anvil allows for better compression and manipulation of tissue.

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