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Intelligent Flow System

AirSeal iFS is the world’s first "3 in 1" insufflation management system. It is unmatched in its ability to provide stable pneumoperitoneum, constant smoke evacuation, and operate at lower intra-abdominal pressures (Low-Pressure Surgery).

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Low Pressure Laparoscopy

Data shows that low pressure laparoscopy used to be difficult due to limitations associated with conventional insufflation. The unique ability of the AirSeal System to maintain stable pneumoperitoneum and constant removal of smoke enables surgeons to operate at lower pressure without compromising exposure.
By providing stable pneumoperitoneum, constant smoke evacuation, and valveless access to the abdominal cavity, the AirSeal System has been demonstrated to reduce procedural time, resulting in increased operating efficiency.

Three possibilities of using AirSeal

AirSeal Mode

Use AirSeal with a Tri-Lumen Filtered Tube Set for following benefits:

  • Optimizes gas flow to provide stable pneumoperitoneum - even during suction and leaks
  • Facilitates smoke evacuation and filtration with 0.01µ ULPA filter
  • Provides the ability to operate at lower intra-abdominal pressures (6-8 mmHg)

Smoke Evacuation Mode

Use AirSeal with a Bifurcated, Dual-Lumen Filtered Tube Set. 
This provides high flow insufflation and facilitates smoke evacuation and filtration with 0.01µ ULPA filter.

Standard Insufflation Mode

Use AirSeal with a Single-Lumen Filtered Tube Set for high flow insufflation.

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