Laparoscopic accessories

ClearView Anti-Fog Scope Warmer

Prevents Scope Condensation

Pre-heats scope to body temperature without the use of electricity or hot water and therefor no risk of burn injuries for surgical staff.


Upon a simple click of the build-in disc, the warming will start immediately. Within 90 seconds the device will reach 37 degrees, starting to warm the scope towards body temperature.

Upon 5 minutes the ClearView Scope Warmer will reach maximum temperature at 51 degrees and the heating reaction will continue, maintaining steady warmth above body temperature for 2 hours.

ClearView Scope Warmer are safe, simple and fast to use for the surgeon’s comfort.


LaparoVue - VueTip

LaparoVue Visibility System

Understanding a surgeon’s need to see clearly during laparoscopic surgery, LaparoVue is an all-in-one solution designed to reduce the complexity of optimal visualization. LaparoVue is an easy to use, disposable multi-purpose device that warms, white balances, cleans and defogs, without the need to buy multiple products.


Product Features & Benefits

Warms & White Balances

  • Warms scope in 5 minutes to prevent fogging.
  • Unit warms up to 5 hours.
  • Allows for white balancing.


  • Provides crisp, clear view in 5 seconds.
  • Radiopaque VueTip™ Trocar Swabs remove debris and excess liquid from trocar cannula.
  • X-ray detectable Microfiber Cloth designed to capture residue/particulates.


  • Pre-filled warming solution helps prevent intra-operative scope fogging.

One Unit, Two Ports

  • Two ports: warming/white balancing and cleaning/defogging.
  • Allows for second scope to be warmed and ready during surgery.
  • Fits 3mm – 12mm scopes without a port size converter.

Detached Scope Cradle

  • Safely and securely supports scope.
  • Reduces tension on lens and potential for damage.

Ergonomic Design

  • Stable base prevents tipping.
  • Contoured, easy grip profile.
  • Engineered with soft silicone material.

Anti-Fog Kit

Water-based solution reduces fogging of scopes. Includes adhesive backed sponge with radiopaque ribbon.

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