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An extensive line of therapeutic devices, designed to deliver improved outcome to physicians, nursing staff and the patients treat.

OptiBite – Disposable Biopsy Forceps

OptiBite Biopsy Forceps feature a reinforced sheath that prevents kinking and provides low friction for optimal pushability. A color-coded cap on the forceps protects the jaw during handling and distinguishes jaws with and without needles.

Available with different cups – Oval cup with and without needle, Alligator Cup with and without needle.

Features and benefits


- Low friction for optimal pushability

- Reinforced to protect from kinking

Color Coded Cap on Forceps Distinguishes Jaw with and without Needles

- Red cap for jaws with needle

- Yellow cap for jaws without needle

– Protects jaw during handling

Smaller Packaging

 - Saves on shelf space


NAKAO Spider-Net Retrieval Device

Designed to provide optimal visualization and specimen preservation during retrieval.

The NAKAO Spider-Net retrieval device is designed for unmatched specimen protection, loss prevention, and visualization. During retraction, the Spider-Net gently wraps the specimen to ensure safe retrieval and reduce the risk of specimen loss.

Additionally, this device offers a material advantage. A single-weaved, nylon netting material allows for optimal visualization of the specimen as it is being retrieved and appears translucent when wet. NAKAO Spider-Net is ideal for polyp and tissue sample retrieval and foreign body extraction.


Cytology Brushes

Ferdinand Medical offers a broad portfolio of GI Cytology Brushes from ConMed to accommodate adult and pediatric gastroscopes, duodenoscopes, and colonoscopes. They’re disposable and sterile to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Brushes features a bristled brush matrix that maximizes cell samples. The thumb ring provides single-handed control, and the positive stop in the handle ensures accurate brush position.

Available in different brush sizes and length.


Microbiology Brushes

The ConMed Microbiology Brush is designed to obtain microbiological specimens of the bronchial tree without contamination from the upper airway or bronchoscope.

Protected brushing allows the brush to pass through contaminated areas while maintaining sterility of the brush bristles. The features a non-toxic, water soluble wax plug which prevents the risk of contamination of the brush prior to obtaining the specimen. After insertion, the plug is expelled and safely dissolved.


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