Specimen Bags

Anchor Tissue Retrieval System

Anchor is a premium product that meets the surgeon’s need for safe and efficient specimen removal, while bringing reliability and efficiency to the operation room.

The innovative Anchor Tissue Retriveal System features a proprietary specimen bag material that reduces breakage and leaks.

A unique deployment mechanism provides protection and security through a simple, user-friendly design.

The bag opens and unrolls automatically when deployed, while the rip-stop nylon provides superior strength and quality for a strong and secure seal.


  • Intuitive design provides ease of use
  • Opens automatically when deployed


  • Rip-stop nylon for exceptional strength & quality
  • Provides strong & secure seal for safe tissue retrieval


  • Unique deployment mechanism offers safety & security
  • Proprietary bag material to reduce breaks & leaks

Standard Specimen Bags

Self-opening, high-strength bags ensure safe specimen capture with easy, one-handed operation.

Ferdinand Medical offers both polymer and nylon sterile, disposable devices from ConMed, designed for use as a receptacle for the collection and extraction of tissue, organs and calculi during laparoscopic surgical procedures. The devices feature a flexible memory wire specimen bag and introducer. They can be used through a 5-, 10- or 12-mm. cannula. Minimal insertion force enables smooth deployment. An insert indicator ensures the bag will be in proper position when deployed. The large bag volume allows large specimen capture.

Unique Design

The unique patented design ensures ease of use and can be deployed and manipulated with one hand. The self-opening memory wire, high-strength large bag offers easy and safe specimen capture while resisting tearing, reducing the potential for cell migration.

Easy to Use

Indicators on the thumb ring position the opening (top) of the bag for correct placement. Bag can be detached within abdominal cavity for later retrieval.


  • Large bag volume to capture large specimens
  • Minimum insertion force enables smooth deployment
  • Ergonomic design provides easy one-handed operation

• Insert indicator ensures bag will be in proper position when deployed

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