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PlumePen Ultra

Regardless of the surgical procedure, PlumePen Ultra is up to any challenge. This pencil features an advanced multi-directional swivel design that delights surgeons with excellent hand movement and less wrist resistance. The ultra-light, PVC free, flexible tube helps reduce wrist strain and hand fatigue, while a slim textured profile improves surgeon grip.

The enclosed blade moves in harmony with the telescopic capture port, providing versatility in any surgical situation. This integrated design eliminates the need to change blade, saving time and money. A Cam Lock System assures secure positioning, allowing for precise application of energy to targeted tissue while removing hazardous surgical smoke. It clicks when activation/deactivation the locking mechanism.

Features & Benefits

Telescopic Capture Port with Enclosed Blade

  • Blade moves in harmony with capture port affording versatility in any surgical situation. Integrated design eliminates need for blade replacement saving time and money

Cam Lock System

  • Prevents capture port movement during surgery. Audible click upon activation/ deactivation of locking mechanism

 Responsive, Multi-Directional Swivel

  • Unique, floating ball joint design allows unrestricted hand movement

Integrated Wire/Tubing Management

  • Ultra-light, PVC free, flexible tubing designed to reduce wrist pull and hand fatigue

PlumePen Pro

PlumePen Pro is an affordable and suitable alternative for surgeries where a pencil adapter is less optimal. The pencil has a sleek, slim profile, is smaller than competitive surgical smoke evacuation pencils, and is similar in size to standers electrosurgical pencils.

PlumePen Pro features an easy to remove x-ray detectable capture port that allows for easy electrode replacement for surgeries where longer electrodes are required. The 360-degree swivel allows for smooth hand movement, while the textured profile improves the surgeon’s grip.

Features & Benefits

Sleek, Slim Profile

  • Smaller than competitive surgical smoke evacuation pencils; similar in size to standard ESU pencils

Removable Smoke Capture Port

  • Allows for easy electrode and capture port replacement

Compatible with Standard Electrodes

  • Designed for surgeries where longer electrodes are desired

Full Blade Tip Reveal

  • Provides an unobstructed view of surgical site

360 Degree Swivel

  • Allows for fluid hand movement

Textured Profile

  • Improves surgeon’s grip

GoldVac Slim

GoldVac Slim Smoke Evacuation Pencils help protect the OR-room from the hazards of surgical smoke and are designed for surgeon’s comfort and convenience with smoke evacuation capabilities. Surgical smoke contains more than 80 chemicals that are as mutagenic as 27-30 cigarettes.

GoldVac Slim is an electrosurgical pencil with smoke evacuation capability designed specifically for procedures and applications where accessibility and visibility are required in deep or narrow spaces. It offers a low-profile ergonomic comfort, an extendable smoke tube, and a swivel that allows the tubing to rotate for maximum freedom of movement on the wrist.

Slim, Low Profile

GoldVac® Slim pencils offer an ergonomic design – allowing for a surgical experience and technique that’s virtually indistinct from a standard pencil.

Enhanced Visibility

Tapered lumen allows for unobstructed visualization of the target tissue.

 360º Range of Motion

GoldVac® Slim smoke evacuation tubing swivels 360º to eliminate wrist drag and enable maximum maneuverability.

Additional Features

  • UltraClean™ silicone-coated blades for less char build-up
  • Easy-to-use push button pencils
  • Available in 10’ and 15’ flexible tubing lengths

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