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PlumePort ActiV

Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration Device

The first line of defense for safe and effective removal of surgical smoke plume during laparoscopic procedures.

PlumePort ActiV easily attaches to standard trocars and uses the readily available suction systems providing noiseless operation. With the built-in fluid trap, moisture is effectively managed throughout the entire procedure. PlumePort ActiV maintains ULPA filtration, which ensures 99.999% efficiency down to 0.1–0.2 micron and delivering greater flow than passive laparoscopic devices.

Controlled smoke plume management throughout the surgical procedure with flow regulator and one-hand adjustability. The compact body design includes a built-in fluid trap, flow adjustment valve, and filtration. Moisture management ensures unrestricted flow and prevents filter saturation without compromising the integrity of the filtration media. Features universal connectivity for easy connection to standard luer lock connectors and suction systems.

Features & Benefits

Active Smoke Removal

  • Controlled management of smoke throughout the surgical procedure featuring flow control dial with one hand adjustability.

Noiseless Operation Compact Housing Design

  • Contains built-in fluid trap, flow adjustment valve and filtration.

Moisture Management

  • Built-in fluid trap to manage moisture throughout entire procedure.

Integrated ULPA Filtration

  • Coupled with activated carbon to safely filter peritoneal smoke.

Universal Connectivity

  • Easily attaches to standard luer lock fittings and suction systems.

Up to 50% More Flow

  • Provides greater flow than passive laparoscopic devices

PlumePort SEO and PlumePort SE

Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration Devices

PlumePort SEO/SE provide controlled management of plume during laparoscopic procedures and allows for adjustable flow rates.

PlumePort SEO easily connects from a standard trocar to a smoke evacuator for active, efficient, and safe removal of surgical smoke. Built-in calibration maintains peritoneal distention without OR personnel interaction. Adjust the flow rate via the surgical plume evacuator. Standard luer lock fitting connects to most surgical plume evacuators. SEO provides greater flow than passive laparoscopic devices.

PlumePort SE is a sterile surgical smoke management tubing that connects from a standard surgical trocar to a smoke evacuator for efficient and safe removal of surgical plume during laparoscopic procedures.

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