Why ScopEYE®

By using SCOPEYE, surgeons can operate comfortably because video feed from different imaging devices can be viewed and switched in front of their eyes, regardless of posture

Surgeon’s fatigue due to monitor-oriented operation is often discussed among medical professionals. With ScopEye surgeons no longer need to turn their heads to focus on the monitor screens, which can create ergonomic challenges and discomfort during long operations. ScopEye fits comfortably and easily on the head, with padded linings running the entire length of the device. For surgeons, this easy-to-wear device makes a wide range of procedures simple and convenient.

ScopEye is a Medical Eyes Up Display that provides surgeons with an unparalleled surgical viewing experience by providing a comfortable, lightweight and ergonomically good experience during the most complex surgical procedures.

ScopEye was designed with comfort and functionality in mind. ScopEye avoids the typical halo strap found on other products and takes a minimalistic approach to a single-row headband that acts as a handle and provides comfort to the operators head.

ScopEye accommodates a wide range of lens shields that support the critical function of the inner display. Depending on the ambient lighting in the operating room, the darker the lens, the focus is narrowed to the display’s essential operation information. From light to medium to dark shades, surgeons can use the shield lens according to each surgeon’s preference and needs, with a simple magnetic attachment that put the lens in place.

ScopEye are compatible with most medical imaging equipment including 3D capability and can be used for endoscopy, robotic surgery, conventional laparoscopic, ultrasound, microscopy etc.

MediThinQ provides the most innovative Eyes Up Display for surgical operation and training. SCOPEYE is compatible with a wide range of surgical equipment providing the best match for individual surgeon.
MediThinQ is committed to develop the best medical glasses for modern surgeries.
Medical staff's long-cherished desire for
free sight and comfortable posture during surgery
Solution by MediThinQ

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