PenEvac Telescopic Pencil

The PenEvac creates an invisible barrier against surgical plume. PenEvac is a patented surgical pencil with integrated smoke evacuation mechanism. The PenEvac efficiently captures surgical plume directly at its source, ensuring optimal visibility and safety.

Demonstrating the highest airborne particle reduction capacity among comparable devices, I.C. Medical PenEvac serves as a reliable choice.

Surgeons, when using I.C. Medical PenEvac, can establish an invisible barrier preventing the escape of smoke particles into the operating room.

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  • The advanced electrosurgery pencils offer several key advantages:

    • Precision and Handling: The PenEvac feature 45-degree swivel heads and integrated wire-in-tube, facilitating precise and accurate handling.
    • Cost-effectiveness: No additional electrode lengths or varied smoke evacuation nozzles are required, making it a cost-effective solution
    • Time Efficiency: Surgical procedures can proceed without interruptions for tip changes, enhancing overall time efficiency.
    • Versatility: The electrode’s adjustable positioning between 1.5 and 6.5 inches on the PenEvac ensures comfort and surgical effectiveness for the surgeon.
    • Origin Point Evacuation: Surgical smoke is evacuated at its origin point, contributing to a cleaner operating environment.
    • The Telescopic PenEvac eliminates the need to change blades during a procedure.
    • Variation on the length: A slight counter-clokwise quarter turn of the locking ring enables the surgeon to vary the length of the pencil.


The telescopic electrode tip on I.C. Medicals PenEvac pencil offers rotational flexibility and adjustable length, while the non-stick electrodes can be bent without compromising its coating. Remarkably, the PenEvac stands out as the sole pencil compatible with any electrodes on the market, including hex-shaped electrodes.

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