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For over twenty years Micromed has been developing and manufacturing innovative and high-performance units and accessories for electro and microsurgery.
In production Micromed trust local workmanship and high-quality materials “Made in Germany”

Bipolar Forceps

In corporation with Micromed, Ferdinand Medical offers bipolar forceps from hardened stainless steel in several variations. There are four types:

  • Straight
  • Angled
  • Bayonet
  • Bent

All four types are available in lengths from 70 mm. to 300 mm., with tips from 0,25, 0,3, 0,6, 1,0 and 2,0 mm.

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Bipolar Forceps – Argentum Non-Stick

The Argentum Non-Stick bipolar forceps from MicroMed have tips made from silver alloy with optimal conductivity which prevents tissue from sticking to the instrument. The thermal conductivity of silver causes the temperature of the tip to not exceed 100 degrees and thus creates the non-stick effect. This is ideal for plastic surgery, neurosurgery etc., and simplifies the tiresome and tedious job of cleaning the forceps after surgery.

Bipolar Forceps – Titanium

The light weight of the titanium bipolar forceps enables working without tiring. Titanium is considerably lighter than steel, absolutely corrosion resistant and non-magnetic. 

For this reason, they are also optimal for use in areas which have strong magnetic fields

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