Meditrina Hysteroscope

The Meditrina Aveta system is an all in one system which has been developed for the purpose of removing fibroids and polyps in the uterus. The system enables healthcare professionals to perform effective and safe hysteroscopy while reducing the time and cost of the procedure. The hysteroscope has the smallest insertion diameter with the largest working channel and the shortest resection time with 10,000 cuts per minute. The knife sits 0.5mm from the tip, which makes it possible to remove tissue from difficult places in the uterine cavity.

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Aveta™ Coral Hysteroscope

Aveta™ Pearl Hysteroscope

  • All critical information is displayed on one surgical monitor
  • Integrated fluid management system can be used with any standard operative hysteroscope
  • Easy to set up fluid management system with improved pressure control and fluid deficit monitoring
  • Built-in wide angle HD camera with LED light source
  • Image transfer
  • Patented single-use hysteroscope with expandable working channel (2 sizes)
  • Single-use resecting device (2 sizes)


We have simplified hysteroscopy procedures by creating a seamless system that handles it all. The Aveta™ System is a comprehensive solution for removing tissue in the uterus, offering advanced, convenient, and cost-effective options for patients and physicians. Its compact design allows it to seamlessly integrate into any examination, procedure, or operating room.

Hysteroscopy Procedures:

  • Fibroid (myomectomy)

  • Polyp (polypectomy)

  • Retained products of conception (RPOC)

  • Directed biopsy

  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy

  • Therapeutic hysteroscopy

  • Visual D&C

With wide-angle HD hysteroscopy, electronic upright image-lock, advanced fluid management with improved pressure and fluid deficit control, and the smallest insertion diameter with the largest working channel, the Aveta™ System enables optimized tissue resection.

This empowers physicians to:

  • Provide high-quality care for the most challenging cases.
  • Perform a greater number of hysteroscopy procedures in various settings.
  • Remove tissue from difficult locations within the uterine cavity.

Next generation of hysteroscopy

Introducing the next generation of hysteroscopy, where outdated practices are left behind. No longer do healthcare professionals need to rotate a cumbersome hysteroscope, dealing with tubing and cables, to obtain a clear view. With the Aveta™ hysteroscope camera, equipped with built-in LEDs and easily controlled by a simple knob, the process is simplified.

Our innovative image orientation lock feature ensures a consistent frame of reference for physicians. Even if the viewing angle changes during a procedure, the perspective remains the same.

The result is a high-resolution, wide-angle image that is always upright, enabling fast, easy, and efficient procedures. Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities and embrace the future of hysteroscopy with Aveta™.

2 different Hysteroscopes are available:

Coral Hysteroscope
4.6 mm OD
3 mm Working Channel

Pearl Hysteroscope
5.7 mm OD
4 mm Working Channel

3 different resecting devices available

All devices cuts to the tip <0.5mm

Aveta Smol 2.9mm Disposable Resecting Device
Impactful for soft tissue or polyps – 28g/min

Aveta Flex 2.9mm Disposable Resecting Device
Flexible for polyps (25g/min) & fibroids < 3cm (12,7g/min)

Aveta Wave+ 3.9mm Disposable Resecting Device
Designed for hard, dense fibroids – 32g/min

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