ConMed AirSeal iFS

ConMed AirSeal Robot Løsning

ConMed Hyfrecator 2000

ConMed UltraClean Electroder

Genmed Laparoskopiske Instrumenter

Infusionsterapi til smertebehandling

JustRight 5 mm stapler

Meditrina Hysteroscope

Evakuering af kirurgisk røg - Laparoskopiske løsninger

Evakuering af kirurgisk røg - Åbne røgsugsslanger

ConMed VisiClear

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Ferdinand Medical is a trading company with a main focus on open and laparoscopic surgery, as well as local pain treatment. We work with a foundation in professionalism, and we want to make a difference to the Danish healthcare system. We are in close dialogue with our partners and suppliers, and we are always engaged in processes that can develop techniques and products that can make everyday life easier for healthcare personnel. We take pride in advising on our products.

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